What is CSWAG?

CSWAG is a committee created by the students of Western Canada High School to ensure the safety of all students, of all genders, in our school community.

Through our four subcommittees, Research & Education, School & Community Outreach, Sexual Violence Prevention & School Safety, and Communication, our committee wants to ensure action, education, and student involvement. CSWAG understands the negative impact that lack of education in our school curriculum on this matter has on student security.

The first step to change is through education mediums such as articles, as well as providing online resources. All of these resources will be available on CSWAG’s Instagram page (@cswag.wchs). In addition, CSWAG will be writing articles to encourage open conversation on these topics. This is a learning experience and we hope that together we will all grow towards becoming more self-aware, understanding, and knowing that our voice has influence. 

These articles will also be permanently posted on CSWAG’s website (www.cswag.ca).

Get involved

Join CSWAG by DMing us on Instagram or sending an email to [email protected]!

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