Why I joined CSWAG—And Why You Should Too!

Diversity, inclusion, and belonging—in my mind, CSWAG is held up by these three fundamental tenets. Though women and girls are, of course, one of CSWAG’s core focuses, it’s also about identities of all kinds and representing their struggles and trials in everyday life. Overcoming these systemic barriers not only relies upon us to educate ourselves and the people around us, but to become the generation that truly changes centuries of discrimination. To me, CSWAG is all about changing societally normative standards, considering that misogyny and sexism still run rampant through many facets of our society today. As a member of the Research & Education committee, I hope to confront the misconceptions and barriers to both gender equity and equality. In essence, I joined CSWAG to educate, to challenge, and to progress; alongside the other members of R&E and CSWAG, I want to shape a world where all identities, sexualities, and orientations can coexist without fear of persecution or harassment.

By Joshua Cheng