Research & Education

The Research & Education subcommittee is dedicated to addressing the challenges and struggles encountered by members of our school community as a result of their gender through articles, social media posts and various outlets. This approach serves to emphasize education through open conversation and destigmatization.

School & Community Outreach

The School & Community Outreach subcommitee aims not only to bring the attention of our club and it’s goals to a larger audience, but to create unity within our school and local community by bringing in resources, speakers, and directing attention to these issues. Through surveys and interviews, our objective is to highlight the prevalence and consequences of these challenges in our community.

Sexual Violence Prevention and School Safety

CSWAG’s Sexual Violence Prevention & School Safety subcommittee is dedicated to creating a secure and inclusive learning environment. This subcommittee strives to eliminate the threat of sexual violence, and raise more awareness about the prevalent issue, as well as creating a safe and welcoming support system for students.


The communication subcommittee manages and organizes the club’s advertisement of events and meetings as well as the recruitment of new members using posters, social media, and the CSWAG bulletin board which you can find located in the WCHS cafeteria!