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We are Women, poem

We are women

My body is my body

My body isn’t a buffet for you to pick and choose

I am not your toy for you to play with

I am a woman who deserves your respect

She did not tell you that you could touch her

She did not say yes, so why did you say she did

She told you to stop, but you kept going

She was uncomforatble, and you were pleased

We walk doen the streets scared for our lives

We cover and hide the beauties because you cant control yourself and your desires

You say not all men, but yet you make jokes about women

You say not all men, so why dont you do something

Women and girls are not your possession

Women and girls shouldn’t have to wait until they are older to feel safe

Women and girls gave life to you, and you choose to ruin our lives

Women and girls are human just as much, if not more than you

Avery H, CSWAG member